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#mm: Anti-Racism: Understanding Disadvantage

The Chocolate Game

** Goal: detect competitive behaviour; differences between equal rights and equal opportunities, develop strategies to achieve own and collective goals  ** Duration: 45 minutes  ** Required material: paper for cards for fields, a big room, dice, chocolate 
**Detailed instructions can be found here


#mm: „Annoying Methods“ – Constellations

“Get up from your chair and stand next to the subject that applies best to you!” 

Illustration: Nicola Sekler

For years, methods from the family of constellations have been THE hits in adult education. In the meantime, participants sometimes roll their eyes full in an annoyed manner when they are announced. .


#mm: „Annoying Methods“ – Introduction round

Foto: PL

Experienced seminar participants know the situation: you enter the seminar room, look for a seat, cast curious glances at the others present, participants and trainers… 

And then it starts: the inevitable round of introductions… In turn, everyone says what their names are, which union and which company they come from and what they expect from the seminar that is just beginning. Preprogrammed boredom… 


#mm: Biography work – 5 Exercises on Gender

Biography work: deep analysis,
own experience, socialisation,
questioning stereotypes

Biography work is ideal for an in-depth analysis of the theme of gender. Make sure that the participants engage with the topic from their own experience.  

The following five exercises should support participants when dealing with their own biography and help them to critically reflect on gender roles, socialisation and language.  


#mm: “Annoying Methods” – our new series!

A guide to unhappiness for trainers 

Participants in training courses, seminars and particularly longer courses complain about annoying methods. However, those who are annoyed and allergic to certain methods learn poorly or, in the worst case, not at all! With our small series on the subject of “Annoying methods” we would like to support trainers in avoiding allergic reactions and point out possible alternatives! 


#dido_37: Mini video campaigns in cinema trailer form

Shaking up, informing, stimulating discourse – campaigns serve as a mouthpiece where people have something to say! Especially videos are an expressive possibility. But if you can’t make big media productions, you can use an app. With iMovie you can quickly create appealing videos that look like a Hollywood-style movie trailer.