#mm: Getting to know each other-bingo

Getting to know each other-bingo can be used especially in larger groups, it brings the participants into conversation with each other, during the “analysis” trainers can make similarities and differences within the group visible. 


** Participants get to know each other  ** The diversity of the group can be made visible  ** Similarities in the group can be made visible 

Material: Bingo cards 

  • A square that is divided into 5×5 squares like a chessboard (note: 4×4 squares for small groups) 
  • Use the remaining margin for the headline, the rules of the game and the individual design 
  • A trait is written in each of the 25 squares, for a total of 25 traits 
  • Heading: Find a person who… 
  • Rules of the game:  
    • Find one person for each trait. 
    • Add the name of the trait. 
    • Each person is only allowed to stand at one trait! 
    • Five fields in a row -> BINGO!!! 

Here you find Bingo cards as a template to download and print: 
Template docs for editing
Template as PDF for immediate printing and getting started!


Each participant receives a bingo card and a pen. All participants move freely in the room and ask other participants if one of the traits applies to them. Once you have found a person who has one of the attributes, enter their name in the appropriate field and move on to another person.  Important: Each person may only be entered for one trait!  As soon as a participant has filled in five fields horizontally, vertically or diagonally, they shout „Bingo!!!“ and the game is over… 

Conclusion: The winner will be asked to read out the persons and the respective traits. Finally, the trainers can make constellations based on selected traits. 

Duration: 5-15 minutes, depending on the final constellations, possibly a little longer 

Variation: The participants can note down additional information besides the name. For example, in which union is the person organized, which instrument do they play… 

Possible Traits

  • …is organized in the same / another union as you 
  • …has been active in the works council for a longer / shorter time than you 
  • …comes from the same state/district as you 
  • …participated in a demonstration in the last six months 
  • …has the same hobby as you 
  • …has already attended a union seminar abroad 
  • …has run a marathon before 
  • …older / younger / same age as you 
  • …reads a daily newspaper 
  • …is active in a works council with several lists / only one list 
  • …is the chairperson of the works council 
  • …is the deputy chairperson of the works council 
  • …is active in a works council that consists of more women than men 
  • …attends a seminar of VÖGB/AK for the first time 
  • …has a pet 
  • …is a full-time works council member 
  • …is employed full-time / part-time 
  • …came to the seminar by bicycle / train / public transport 
  • …plays a musical instrument 
  • …is a representative of disabled persons 
  • …has won the lottery 
  • …is a first responder at work 
  • …here is where your ideas go!!! 

Author: Pia Lichtblau

Translation: Astrid Donaubauer

Read the original article in German.

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