#mm: Group Geography – Methods for the Theme of Anti-Racism

  • Goal: Getting to know each other and a discussion about the normality of mobility and migration
  • Duration: 15-30 Minutes 
  • More information is available for download here (PDF, 51 KB)

Phase I: Where do you live?
Ask the group to line themselves up based on where they currently live. 

Phase II: Where were you born?
The group should organise and rearrange themselves in accordance with their different places of birth. 

Phase III: Reflection
Either standing or seated go around the circle (dependent on time restrictions you can go around the group and everyone can say something more or less detailed)  

  • “I moved because…” 
  • “I have migrated/emigrated/immigrated across national borders because…” 
  • “I have been in a different country for a longer period of time because…” 

Source: Baustein für nicht-rassistische Bildungsarbeit des DGB-Bildungswerks Thüringen e.V.  

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Translation: Fred Taucher

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