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#mm: Antiracism: Reflect on your own position 

When dealing with racism, it is worth looking outside the box of discrimination and disadvantage, by looking at your own position and privilege.  


#mm: Anti-Racism: Understanding Disadvantage

The Chocolate Game

** Goal: detect competitive behaviour; differences between equal rights and equal opportunities, develop strategies to achieve own and collective goals  ** Duration: 45 minutes  ** Required material: paper for cards for fields, a big room, dice, chocolate 
**Detailed instructions can be found here


Debunk the far right

Union Strategies against Right-Wing Extremism 

Non à l'extrem droite

In light of the upcoming EU elections, the question that is more pressing than ever is the extent to which right-wing extremists and far-right parties are burdening the political climate in Europe and, above all, how the trade union movement is confronting the phenomenon.   Beginning with an initiative from the ETUI (European Trade Union Institute) a group of trade unionists from Belgium, France, Austria and Sweden are offering an overview of existing and planned trade union initiatives against right-wing extremism in Europe. This will offer opportunities in learning new methods, as well as exchanging experiences with others.  

As part of the Anti-Racism Toolbox, we would like to present individual methods and initiatives. Taking the European idea into account, it is possible that a number of languages may appear on the page :-). 


#mm: Like in Real Life

Raising Awareness of everyday Discrimination


Goal ** Increase the visibility of everyday discrimination ** Experience these situations for another person’s perspective                       ** Encourage sensitisation and self reflection