Certificate course for trainers and lecturers

Getting the certificate

Step 1: Seminars

The certificate course has a modular structure, so participants can complete the seminars in any order. It is recommended to attend the compulsory seminar from the module „Fundamentals of Adult Trade Union Education“ at the beginning of the course if possible. In addition, various numbers of seminars from the four modules should be attended:

ModuleNumber of seminars
Fundamentals of trade union adult education1 seminar of 3 days
Didactics and planning3 seminars of 3 days each
Methods3 seminars of 3 days each
Trade union, politics, society1 seminar of 3 days each
Media, technology, materials2 seminars of 3 days each
Total10 seminars of 3 days each

Step 2: Practice

After the minimum necessary seminars have been completed, in the practical phase your own actions are reflected upon and perfected and expanded on the basis of professional and collegial feedback. This can take place in the form of co-training, seminar observation and mutual observation or the independent planning and management of a seminar. A concept for the practical phase will be developed individually with the participants and the responsible persons in charge of education.

Step 3: Certification workshop

Trade union and adult education skills are demonstrated in the form of a final workshop. The certification workshop can only be attended after completion of all necessary seminars and proof of practical experience and ends with the presentation of the certificate.

…and after that?

As a trainer, you are never „fully trained“ – in order to continue your education after the certificate, all seminars and workshops from the modules can still be attended. Special offers complement the range of courses, but do not contribute to the achievement of the certificate.

Translation: Astrid Donaubauer

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