Certificate course for program coaches

The way to the certificate

Step 1: Seminars

The certificate course in course guidance is structured in modules, so the seminars can be completed in any order. It is recommended to attend the two obligatory basic seminars „Trade Union Education – What’s that?“ and „Basics Course Support“ at the beginning of the course if possible. Building on this, one seminar from each content module must be completed:

ModuleNumber of seminars
Fundamentals of trade union adult education2 seminars of 3 days each
Didactics and planning1 seminar of 3 days
Methods1 seminar of 3 days
Trade union, politics, society1 seminar of 3 days
Media, technology, materials1 seminar of 3 days
Total6 seminars of 3 days each

Step 2: Supervision

After completion of the minimum required seminars from the modules, certificate candidates actively deal with their situation as course facilitators in a group supervision. Based on their own experiences, they reflect on their own role, jointly develop targeted options for action and discover new dimensions and possibilities. In this way, participants are encouraged to constructively overcome challenges, solve conflicts and actively manage change processes.

…and after that?

Even as a program coach you are always faced with new challenges – in order to continue to develop after the certificate, all seminars from content modules can still be attended. In addition, special seminars are open to all REFAK participants (unless otherwise stated), but do not contribute to the achievement of the certificate.

Translation: Astrid Donaubauer

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